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Pilgrims’ trails, churches and chapels with impressive architecture: the area covered by the regional church offers attractive opportunities for tourists to reflect on life and discover the church world in Saxony. 

Pilgrims’ trails

Pilgrimages as a special way of walking through countryside and being able to discover more about yourself have become popular during the last few years. There are plenty of opportunities to go on pilgrimages in Saxony too. 

Website "Outdoor active": Pilgrim Trails in Saxony 

Luther Trail in Saxony


Open churches

People enjoy visiting churches when travelling or on holiday. That is why many churches in Saxony are regularly open for visitors – and not only provide cultural treasures, but also spiritual experiences and meetings with Christians locally that generate friendships.

Baroque village churches in the area around Leipzig, Gothic hall churches in the Erzgebirge region, Art Nouveau churches in Dresden: more than 1,600 churches and chapels in the area covered by the Regional Church of Saxony provide a wealth of architecturally impressive sacred buildings.

Even occasional visitors experience the special atmosphere of a holy place when visiting a church. It provides stillness that enables peace and quiet for people to pray. It is an opportunity to provide rest for your soul – and take a break from the stress of everyday life, reinvigorate your faith and spend time at a stopping point along your pilgrimage.  


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Cycle path churches

Cycle path churches are located very close to bike trails and are open for visitors during the day (at least) from Easter until Reformation Day (All Saints).

The cycle path churches are specially marked with information signs on bike routes and on the churches themselves. 

You can find a map with all the cycle path churches, extensive information and contact addresses on the EKD Cycle path churches website (in German).

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