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The regional church supports the acceptance, help for and integration of asylum-seekers. It has been setting an example of a humane attitude since the recent refugee crisis and has been offering local churches and private persons advice and support. This service remains very relevant. 

Commissioner for Foreigners in the regional church

The Commissioner for Foreigners at the regional church office is responsible for the subjects of migration, humanitarian protection for refugees and intercultural understanding. Local churches, church foundations and centres as well as private persons can approach him with their questions and concerns. 

The expert on migration in the Saxon social welfare movement

The Commissioner for Foreigners is also the expert on migration within the Saxon social welfare movement. As a result, it is possible to easily make use of the advisory services and structures in the social welfare movement to resolve difficult circumstances, if necessary.

Hardship commission in the law related to aliens

The Commissioner for Foreigners can also be approached with matters connected to the hardship commission for foreigners in Saxony. The particular concerns of the Commissioner for Foreigners involve directly supporting committed church lay people, offering a platform for information, an exchange of ideas and the formation of opinions as well as encouraging cooperation and networking. 

The representatives within the Evangelical Church in Germany and its social welfare work department are also valuable cooperation partners here.

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