Worldwide Partnership

Ecumenical Relations

The goal of ecumenism is to make contact, exchange ideas and cooperate, whether between Christian denominations or between religions. As a result, the regional church is involved in joint discussions, in campaigns aimed at unity and non-denominational alliance organisations. 

Aspects of ecumenical cooperation

The word “ecumenism” comes from Greek and means the complete inhabited world. This embodies the realisation that the church is a universal body based on its mission and character and therefore disputes and fragmentation among Christians are not right. 

A joint dialogue

Theological discussions about questions of faith and order between the denominations form the basis for ecumenical cooperation.

Joint actions

This becomes practical in joint actions involving various churches, e.g. ecumenical services with the Lutheran and Roman Catholic church or free churches, ecumenical church festivals, the Peace Decade, etc.

Jointly striving for global justice

Cooperation with Christians in other parts of the world sensitises people to the needs of those far away and enables global justice to become a common church issue.

Christians from different denominations often work together in groups to practically achieve Christian goals (peace work, responsibility for creation, etc.) of course.

Cooperation between the Christian denominations

The World Council of Churches

Ecumenical issues dominate the work of the World Council of Churches. It currently links 348 member churches from 110 countries on a global scale. They meet every seven years.

The Working Community of Christian Churches in Germany

The Working Community of Christian Churches in Germany (ACK) organises cooperation between churches at a federal, regional and local level in the Free State of Saxony.

The Evangelical Lutheran Regional Church of Saxony is a member of the World Council of Churches and the Working Community of Christian Churches in Saxony.

Other ecumenical contacts  

Ecumenical contacts are organised and maintained in the area covered by the Evangelical Lutheran Regional Church of Saxony by:

  • the advisor for ecumenical relations at the regional church office
  • the office for world view issues
  • the Evangelischer Bund in Saxony
  • the contact discussion group with the Bishopric of Dresden-Meissen
  • contact discussions with the United Methodist Church

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